We Educate and Motivate your staff to deliver Results.

Healthy Employees = Healthy Business
What FITWIN will do for you:

Profit from Lower Attrition

A healthy happy employee is productive, engaged and loyal

Confident Workforce

Created by a sense of accomplishment from crushing goals

Appreciative Customers

Are better served by alert and positive team members

Community of Colleagues

Through sharing experiences, challenges, and accomplishments

Smoother teamwork

Improved camaraderie with team
based challenges

Empowered Employees

Through education about health and wellness they feel control over their future


People will see that so few other employers offer these benefits

Lower Health Care Costs

Enjoy lower healthcare costs due to fewer doctors’ visits, sick days and prescriptions written

FITWIN Works While You Focus On Serving Customers & Making Money...

All of this will be managed on our end without any necessary involvement on your part.

We deliver on our promise by providing your employees:

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Engagement Coach

Provide your staff with full support to help answer questions around the wellness program

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Where your colleagues will compete – either with themselves or with each other in fitness, nutrtion and wellness

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Track activities, results and the competition, because everyone loves a little healthy competition

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Individual access for nutrition, motivation and training tips to keep people engaged

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Support & Education

Weekly 'Live' sessions delivered by your Health Advisor along with frequent nutrtion and fitness tips

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Monthly Report

Metrics around staff progress and activities to evaluate engagement

Your Investment

No contracts; no gimmicks. You can stop at any time.

FITWIN’s comprehensive wellness solution has one goal: healthy employees for a healthy business. The month-to-month service gives you the flexibility to retain and grow a wellness program that makes sense for your business.

Comprehensive Wellness
  • Dedicated Health Advisor
  • Regular "Challenges' where your teams compete
  • Live Leaderboards to track activities
  • Weekly online Live drop-in sessions with coaches and other experts
  • Access to coaches for nutrition, motivation and training tips
  • Monthly engagement reports
Per Month Per employee
Individualized Coaching

Includes all of the Comprehensive Wellness Package plus:

  • Personalized weekly workouts
  • Regular weekly checks-in
  • Nutritional counseling
  • FITWIN Promo Gear
  • Weekly Tips / Advice
Per Month Per employee

How do I Get Started?