About Us

About Us

Raye Ackerman is the founder and CEO of FITWIN. The company was established in 2015 when he found himself at a crossroads with his professional and personal well being. After years of research and unanswered questions he was very frustrated discovering that most weight loss programs available were quick fixes and unsustainable. Raye knew that he needed to make a change to improve his health. He slowly began to implement small lifestyle changes in all aspects of his life and was finally seeing progress. This passion for a healthier lifestyle flowed over into the office and he began to offer gym memberships and healthy snacks to his employees. He also implemented a wellness hour every week for this staff to take time for themselves. His business's productivity began to increase and Raye noticed that his employees were more engaged, this was when he had his ah-ha moment. He knew other companies could also benefit from offering a wellness solution and founded FITWIN. Watch Raye's video to learn!

Mission Statement

To create a healthy work culture that will transform the lives of individuals and encourage positive healthy living. We are committed to educating and motivating employees to deliver results to both the company and individual.

Who We Are

We are a comprehensive corporate wellness solution that helps employers drive up employee retention, engagement and health through "turnkey" programs that elevate the energy, fitness and wellness of staff. This in turn creates a more collaborative and enjoyable workplace culture. We do this by focusing on Education, Motivation and Results.
Our Team

If you really knew us you'd know that...

I love wine and have a collection of over 1000 bottles in my wine cellar.
Raye Ackerman
Founder, CEO
I spend a lot of time holding the refrigerator door open looking for answers.
Juan Cardenas
General Manager
My music playlist is 90% rap music.
Tracy Coburn
Project Manager
I really dislike ice cream and I'm forever criticized about that.
Sean Middaugh
Lead Developer
I love ketchup on everything, including brussels sprouts.
Leiki Luud
Marketing Manager
When I watch movies I have to mute scary or awkward parts.
Cristina Ganouchevitch
Marketing Specialist
I am super passionate about all things peanut butter.
Tonya Piirto
I have a Nike addiction and own a pair of Nike tennis shoes for every occasion.
Carol Keller
Health Advisor
When giving me directions never use terms like "east" or "west".
Christine Hickson
Health Advisor
I hold the highest score in Yahtzee among her competitive family of 7!
Lindsay Nielsen
Engagement Coach
I'm a huge Seattle Seahawks fan. Like I think I have a problem that I might need to seek out help for.
Brent McCalla
Engagement Coach
I'd rather be at the beach!
Isabelle Young
Client Testimonials

In our industry, there is a significant amount of time spent sitting and being sedentary. Therefore finding an engaging way to get our team on their feet and moving as well as getting into the mindset of being healthy was critical. As the ancient phrase says, healthy body, healthy mind!

Fitwin is a fun, extremely lightweight and incredibly easy tool that does just that!

It is without hesitation that I recommend any business, large or small, sign-up. It is a fun and easy way to create a community within your organization that promotes, tracks and manages health and wellness. Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed.

-Rob, Owner RC Design, Newmarket, Ontario

Having the knowledge of a trained professional has jump started my weight loss again after a long stall. My coach has been incredibly helpful by providing encouragement, as well as giving me great ideas on nutrition and different meal options. The personalized support and accountability has been a huge plus and much better than I could have hoped for!

-Nick H, 10.5 lbs lost

Before working with Coach Emily, I felt like I was lost in a forest. I had a vague objective and only knew that I wanted to get out of the forest by losing weight and getting back in shape. Unfortunately, I was unsure of which direction to head. Working with Emily has allowed me to find a path out of the forest. Her guidance and daily interactions has acted as a compass to achieving weight loss and fitness success.

-David M, 20 lbs lost

Thanks to my FITWIN coach for taking the time to individualize my macros and workout program to specifically fit my lifestyle and eating habits. They took into account my demanding full time job and three active kids and made a healthy workout program and diet that works for not just me but my entire family. I was hesitant at first and thought I would get a one size fits all plan but my skepticism was put at ease once I started one on one with my personal coach. Together we discussed my goals, likes, and dislikes until we found the perfect plan that is customized just for me. They have support through their FITWIN site that allows me to see on a calendar my diet, workout, nutritional advice, and motivation. Thanks FITWIN!

-Cindi P.

Before I start rambling on too much, I've got to get out of the way with a thank you of epic proportions how grateful I am for having you in my life. THANK YOU COACH EMILY! Fanfares and all don't really translate in an email though. The short feedback would be "you are an awesome coach with a fantastic manner, are approachable, and are extremely competent in fitness, lifestyle, health, and well-being. You're like a mum/sis/auntie/cheerleader rolled into some sort of holistic personal trainer."

Now for the long story... I was initially looking to take the hassle out of planning my own workouts, which you did. In the process you challenged me to get out of my comfort zone of weight lifting/yoga/HIT routines. So you coached me, and coached me well, kept me interested, and it resulted in keeping me challenged at just the right level. And you brought me so much more. The snippets of positivity that you regularly threw in the mix guided me towards a much healthier self. You've helped me achieve a totally new outlook on life and turned me into a super positive powerhouse. With all these wellness skills you are quite the amazing health coach. Thank you for being YOU, and empowering me to be the best version of me. I look forward to many more years of collaboration.

-Sarah B.

Prior to working with my FITWIN Coach, I was never able to run more than 2 minutes. Now I feel like a pro at 1 mile non stop, it's awesome! Today I ran 2 miles straight without stopping at a 5.7 mile per hour pace. I pushed myself to run a true personal record because I had the support of my Coach cheering me on. In the past I would have stopped to walk, but I knew because I was checking in with her today that I needed to give it my all! Thank you, FITWIN, for keeping me accountable to reaching my fitness goals!

Whether you are just starting your journey or need a push to strengthen your fitness, if you give it your all and work with your Coach, FITWIN will work for you. Sometimes we just don't have the right information which was my case. I was bombarded with loads of weight loss advice from the internet which never gave me the results I wanted. After trying diet after diet I would not see progress and got frustrated. With FITWIN, I got an opportunity to speak to a professional health coach that coached me in the right direction. I was never able to work out more than a week without stopping and now I'm going on week 4 and still going strong. Do it for your health, do it for you, and become a fitness winner.


What I'm finding most valuable is the accountability aspect. While it's easy for anyone to look up health and nutrition info on the web, it's not that easy to convert that advice into healthy habits. FITWIN helps me stay on top of my workouts and nutrition by following up frequently and setting incremental goals. My coach, Emily, is very easy to talk to whether by video chat or message. She's kept me engaged by asking good questions that get me thinking about my health and how I can improve to reach my goals. Based on our conversations, we set goals with specific due dates that I use as a guide to better health. The goals are very attainable which is nice because it helps create a sense of accomplishment. Overall I'm very excited about my work with FITWIN and about my future health.